Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Experience begins production

Tuesday November 18, production began on the Vineyard's Christmas Experience, which is now officially called "The {Re}Gifter Show", which will include elements of live drama performed on the stage, but also mixed in with video roll ins, much like last years drama "A Cat Named Bruce", however, The {Re}Gifter relies much more heavily on the preproduced video parts. I actually hesitate to call the roll ins, video, because they are being produced film style, which is much more painstaking.

We completed 3 scenes in the same location yesterday. Actually they are quite short scenes. We put about 9 hours worth of work which resulted in about 4 minutes of The Regifter, but those 4 minutes look phenomenal.

How was it? We shot in an unheated garage so it was cold, really cold but they fed us and gave us hot chocolate so that helped. We cleaned out the garage of 90% of it's stuff to make room for crew, camera, production monitor, lights, props. The second challenge is finding power for heaters, lights and production stuff. The ceramic heaters kept tripping breakers so eventually we had to turn off all heaters.

We probably had 30 people working on that shoot at one time or another. We have a Director (Brad Wise), Director of Photography(Mark Denny), Gaffers, Grips, Production assistants, prop masters, wardrobe etc etc etc. It is amazing to see how much work goes into something that will, in the end, look like 4 minutes of a guy in a garage.

It is exciting to be a part of, i can't wait to see this stuff edited together.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tech Team Pics

Hey Y'all!

A while back Jim Keller(Front of House, Team 2 and Team 4) suggested that we have a picture board somewhere with all tech team members pictured with their names, so that we all can recognize some of the other team members that we may not get a chance to work with as much. I thought it was a great idea, but I wasn't sure how to go about starting. I think it could be a great tool in helping us interact as a team closer, not to mention that it is great to document as much stuff as we can. But I can't figure out where physically to post all those pics besides online. So we're are trying to get pics of all team members right now. I'm thinking Yearbook style, and for now we'll just post them on this blog, (look to the right), but eventually maybe a website. So for the next couple of weeks someone we'll be trying to get pics of each team and of each individual. Let me know if you don't want to be on the web for any reason, and we'll work around that. Special Thanks goes out to Christina Wan, Vicki Gabriel and Baron Youn for being our photogs.




Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Upcoming Series Details

Hi All,
I love to keep you guys up to date with all the latest hub-bub, skinny, low-down, scuttlebutt etc etc, but this is what I know about the upcoming few weeks up until the holiday:

A new series is upon us kicking off this weekend, November 1 and 2 called “Holy Spirit”. Team 1 you’ll be getting your reminder here soonJ
Joe will lead off with a message discussing the Holy Spirit as Guide.

Next weekend November 8 and 9 Joe will continue on the discussion of the Holy Spirit as One Who Convicts

Third week of the series November 15 and 16, Dave will discuss the Holy Spirit as Source of Power. This weekend will accompany the Current Conference on Friday November 14 and 15, Friday night, and 3 early sessions Saturday overlapping into Celebration Saturday night.

Last weekend of the series November 22 and 23 will be Turkey Fest weekend and Dave will be discussing the Holy Spirit as Comforter and Counselor.

The December series is called “Salvage” and will kick off November 29 and 30(a fifth weekend by the way-please volunteer if you canJ) Joe will head up the series by sharing how Jesus came to save(salvage) us from sin.

The next installment of “Salvage” December 6 and 7 is called Recycle and will continue the series by illustrating that God does not simply erase those less desirable parts of us, but he recycles/reuses them.

The following episode on December 13 and 14 is titled Recovered and discusses how Being saved (salvaged) is a journey from near-death fatal illness to complete marathon running health.

And the final weekend of “Salvage” is named “Released” and talks about God releasing us to tell our own radical salvaged story to share with others.
The series continues with performances of the VCC Play “THE RE: GIFTER”, a modern parable of redemption. A good event to bring a friend to INTRODUCE them to VCC and the basic idea that God salvages lives.

I look forward to serving with you all during this time. See ya!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Carolyn Stoll Prayer Request

Hey Y'all,
This past weekend Carolyn Stoll asked for prayer regarding her upcoming surgery on November 12th. The docotor's found a cyst and they said it is probably benign but as a precaution they will be performing a hysterectomy.
Let's be in prayer for a safe surgery, healing and quick recovery for Carolyn, but let us also pray that it is indeed benign and nothing else.

I thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for each of our team members.

Your Brother in Christ

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tech Story - Grace Point Church Article

Hey Gang!
I love to read up on what other churches are doing tech wise. I found this article in Church Production magazine it is pretty interesting the kind of production that this small church must do out in Vegas. Anyway, here is the link:

This was in the September issue, in the October issue (which is not online yet) it has an article about this same church’s Technical Director. I also found this one very interesting. I’ll forward it along when it is available online.

Reading this article makes me very thankful that we don’t have to “set up” every Sunday AM. That would be CRAZY!

I hope you enjoy.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Matt McCoy - News

Big news Tech Team. Student Union worship leader Matt McCoy has accepted a position at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. This is very exciting and at the same time sad news. It is awesome to see Matt move on to such a big stage, but he will be missed by many here at the Vineyard including me.

You can read Matt's blog here at:

Anyway, feel free to drop Matt an encouraging word if you feel led to. I'm sure he would appreciate it.

Pete Bryant made the announcement this morning to staff. The Student Union will hire an Interim worship leader for the time being and in the meantime begin a longer search for just the right canidate to fill that role long term. Pray for the VSU to have wisdom and discernment to hire the right person for this position.

Your Brother in Christ!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ron McCaslin Prayer Request

Ron's daughter is 7 months pregnant. She was carrying twins but lost one recently. She is still experiencing complications and may have to deliver early maybe as early as this weekend, but the doctors hope to have her carry until full term.

Ron is also busy taking care of the house right now as his wife Robin is very busy with work. So just keep the McCaslin family in your prayers right now, for a healthy grandbaby, and for peace and comfort for the whole family during this time.

These are definitely the kind of times that we really have to lean on and trust in Jesus

Cindy Dean Prayer Request

I found out late yesterday that long time tech team member Cindy Dean is in the hospital with abdominal discomfort. The Doctors aren't quite sure what is going on so keep her in your prayers for a healing and quick recovery.

Thanks! I'll try and keep you guys up to date with what is going on...


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Team member Prayer Request and Help Request

Team 3 members Dean and Amy McKenzie have requested our prayers. Amy has a couple of surgeries schedule in the coming months. First is a surgery on her foot Friday October 17th. And Second is a hysterectomy on November 11th.

So Amy is going to have a tough time with her mobility this fall. So let's pray for her quick recovery and healing. But also with this Dean and Amy are going to need a helping hand here and there. If you can help out contact Dean and Amy and let them know by contacting them at:

Amy -
Dean -
home 791-7833
Amy's cell 504-4772
Dean's cell 262 3453

Dean and Amy live in Reading OH 45236

Here is Amy's email she sent me. It has alot more detail.

It's a beautiful fall day and I'm hoping you are enjoying the change of seasons as much as I. I love the cool mornings that turn to comfortable afternoons and end in just the right temperature that you can sleep w/ the windows open and still sleep without freezing!
Along with the change of seasons our family will be experiencing a few
challenges this fall/winter. After an appointment this week with my
podiatrist today we scheduled a foot surgery for me to be done next
Friday, Oct. 17th at 1:00p.m. After this surgery I will not be able to
put any weight on my left foot for 2 weeks, after that I will be on crutches and increase mobility as much as tolerated and the total
recovery time is 6-8 weeks. BUT, I already have my hysterectomy
scheduled for Nov. 11th so I'll be down for the count a few days for that and then again on 2 weeks strict no lifting and limited activity and then adding another 6-8 weeks til I am healed from that and able to
resume a normal schedule and activity level. (the 6 week day after
the hysterectomy is just in time for Christmas!)
Dean has some time off left to use but we want to best utilize that and make sure he's here when needed most, like the days right after each surgery which means he'll need to divide up his time off as much as
possible. We are in desperate need of help with the kids(and maybe
light household chores like dishes and keeping up w/ laundry) on the
days Dean has to work. His schedule is 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Fridays
w/ some flexibility to come home if needed since his work is less than
10 minutes away. Unfortunately we can't afford to pay a sitter while
he is at work, since I don't work theres no extra money laying around
right now. This is where you come in, we are hoping if any of you have
some free time and/or maybe are looking to get out for a playdate for your kids we'd love to have you come over and hang out w/ the boys and I
while Dean is at work. The first two weeks after each surgery will be
the most critical time of need so from Oct 17th-31st and again from Nov.
11th-25th. Depending how each surgery goes will depend how much I'll
need help after those first two weeks but I imagine managing an almost 4
year old and 2 1/2 year old while on crutches will be fun! Eventually
we may just need help w/ household chores and grocery shopping help since I wont be able to do that by myself for a while, and I am trying to find help so Dean isn't too overwhelmed with having to work and come home to do it all by himself since it's going to be hard enough already!
I know we're asking a lot but I know that God is a big God and Dean and I believe that sometimes He doesn't always provide healing the way we want but that He uses the doctors and medicines He provides. I don't know how many of you were at the VU night of worship(For those of you
that go to Vineyard) but something said then really hit home for me. I
think it was Joe who said it, that a time was coming when we would need to rely on each other and that we'd have to get over our pride to do so. I am one of those people who hates to ask for help and knowing I'm going to be unable to take care of my family for months means I have to rely on God and those He's blessed us by placing in our lives. This is hard no matter what the circumstance, and I am sure some of you knows how this feel.
If you aren't able to help please pray for us during this time, it's the
best thing we could have you do for us! Also, if you know of any
teenagers or college students who might be available to help during the day, or anyone for that matter who is free during the week during Dean's work hours who might be willing to help please forward our info to
them!! We really only need one person a day to help, the boys are
pretty easy to care for and we've got a huge playroom set up for them so
they are rarely bored! there are some evenings we may need help too as
Dean and Caleb got roles in a Christmas play as well as they have cub scout obligations.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and if anything please pray for peace during this time of healing and recovery!!!
More details on our family schedules below!
Amy will be recovering from bed or the sofa as time goes on!
Dean will be working as much as he can or at home helping as much as he can!
Caleb (7 years old) he is in school from 8-2:40p.m and he has play rehearsals and cub scouts in the evenings 3-4 days a week with Dean accompanying him so I may need help in the evenings too!! but the boys go to bed at 8 otherwise (Bo and Zeke always go to bed at 8) Bo (will be 4 in Nov.) and is home w/ me all day but has to get to speech therapy somehow every Monday at 1:00p.m. in Mason during this time?!?
Zeke (2 1/2 years old) home w/ me all day normally - he's the only one
in diapers but we're working on that! :-)
Sorry for all the details but it's easier for me to see what we need when I know what we're dealing with !! :-)
If you can help or know someone who might be able to call or email us!
Amy -
Dean -
home 791-7833
Amy's cell 504-4772
Dean's cell 262 3453
oh yeah, we live in Reading OH 45236
Thanks so much for your time and prayers!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

October 8th - Worship Experience

Coming up in October on Wednesday the 8th we are having a Worship Experience in the auditorium. As you may know the Worship Experiences are always a powerful time of praise, worship and prayer. The Tech Team will be fielding a full crew for the experience. So email me if you're available to crew any of the positions. Below is the description of the event from the Vineyard website.

"We want to delve deeper into the experience of worship and our understanding of it. Using the multi-sensory elements we will come as a worshipping community to connect with God in different ways than we are able to during our weekend celebrations.
Children's classes and Bible Clubs will still meet on this evening. Register for childcare (for children ages 5 and under) at 671-0422 Ext. 328. Cost is $5 per child."

It is always a great evening, let me know if you are interested in serving that night. Also, you can sign up on the Vine. It will be posted on the Vine by the end of this week. Thanks!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blackout 2008

September 14, 2008 will be a day that I tell my kids about. It seemed fairly uneventful Sunday morning. The Tech Team had a pretty good morning, Vicki Gabriel was directing and she did a great job calling shots for each morning celebration. The worship team was great as usual, Dave spoke about the importance of our attitude in being Outward Focused. It seemed like a normal Sunday.

A few minutes after the 11:40 celebration ended we noticed the power strangely blinked off and on a couple of times. I had heard that showers were possible on Sunday and I assumed a thunder storm had blown up. I quickly prepared the webstreamer to encode the 11:40 celebration and left the building. I was very surprised to see that it was only a little windy out. But the longer I was outside I realized it is not just a "little windy" but it was at "Holy Crap" level. My car fought me the whole way home, trying to break free into other lanes. But as I got closer to home, the degree of the wind kept surprising me even more. I listened to a little of the Bengals game and heard that Carson Palmer was having a hard time completing passes due to the wind. I got frustrated with the Bengals, just like any other Sunday and turned it off. While I was driving down my street I was startled with all of the debris from trees, shrubs, garbage cans, birdhouses, coolers and just about anything that wasn't nailed down.

I picked up Stephanie, my wife, as we were meeting my parents and grandparents at Olive Garden to celebrate both my mother's and grandmother's birthdays. We got seated at the big party room with the huge bay window. We placed our order and got a good chuckle as we watched folks walk by our window holding hats to their heads and hold skirts down and actually saw a green baseball cap roll by at probably 30 miles and hour. And we waited to see someone chasing it, but apparently they had given up. They never passed our window. Mall road was also plainly in view and we watched the Speed limit sign twist and shake violently against the wind. Eventually, the lights inside the restaurant blinked off and on, and we began to wonder if our food would come out before the power went out. As luck would have it, as the servers began to bring out our meals, the lights went out for good. A few minutes later the manager came out to check on us and let us know that our meals were the last to come out of the kitchen that day. So we enjoyed our Italian food by the bay window.

Anyway, there is much more but I'll leave it here and blog some more about this a little later

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ray Schweitzer Follow Up

Hi Y'all!
I got this update from Ray about his condition. Sounds like good news but lets keep him in prayer, he has got a lot of recovery in front of him. Here it is:

"Still don't know when I can go home, and we think 6-8 weeks before walking unaided again.
I am now at Drake on Galbraith Rd. This place is great, and came highly recommended. The transfer ambulance crew said "miraculous- we keep bringing 'em in all busted up, they usually leave walking".
The good news:
-I am alive. A steel stake "removed" my hat from my head just prior to impact, leaving me with a 5" cut in my scalp and not massive brain trauma. The hat was hanging from the stake after the fall. More proof that God "loves fools and drunkards"
-My back seems ok, sense of feeling is good except for part of left hand. No internal damage.
-I got vertical today. With the help of a large and very strong therapist, I was able to stand up with a custom "hi chair" walker. It lets me use my elbow, as the left arm is out of service below that.
-I may be able to shower tomorrow. Looking forward to that, as it's been a week.
I have a new appreciation for what handicapped people face- very humbling to absolutely rely on others for everything. First couple days I couldn't roll over or sit up by myself.
And another, not so subtle (takes a bit to get my attention I guess) reminder that God is in control, not me.
Thanks again for the prayers all."

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tech Team member Ray Schweitzer Prayer Request

Let's pray for tech team member Ray Schweitzer. Ray fell off a ladder yesterday morning and received 5 fractures to his hip/pelvis among other injuries to his left arm and back. He is undergoing a physical therapy session tomorrow, Ray is hoping he will be able to leave the hospital on crutches rather than a wheel chair. Ray is a single dad of 2 teenage daughters so he needs prayer anyway let alone this physical setback:)

If you don't know Ray, he was on Team 3 usually doing Audio 2 and or Floor Cam. Ray has stepped back from serving for the time being to spend more time with his daughters.

Let's pray for healing and a quick recovery.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prayer Request

Hi Tech Team,
Got this prayer request from Jeff Rezer this morning.

"I am asking for prayer for my brother, Rich. Yesterday, he was cleaning the gutters, the ladder slipped, and he fell in the driveway. He suffered a serious compound fracture in his arm (both radius and ulna), cut his head open, broke a tooth, and has a black eye (they will be checking for any facial fractures soon). He had surgery on his arm last night, but it's going to be a LONG road to recovery. They put in 2 metal plates to secure the bone. Each plate is about 4-6" long and 1-1 1/2 inches wide. It will take 12-18 months for the bones to heal.

He did fine thru the surgery. It was done by a hand and arm surgeon...The doc came out and talked with Jeff's aunt and uncle and Rich's wife, Christine (his mom and dad are in FL visiting his grandpa). The hospital will keep him for a while and watch for infection. The trauma team will have a look at him to make sure there are no residual issues. He mentioned that a plastic surgeon will look to make sure that he has not broken facial bones, and they are awaiting MRI results to make sure that both his pelvis and knee do not have any issues.

Luckily we have family in the area who were able to come stay with them and help them through everything... my parents live in the area but were in Florida for my grandfather's 90th birthday, trrying to decide whether or not to come home early and trying to contend with the possible hurricane there over the next 2 days.

We have much to be thankful could have been a lot worse, but as it is the recovery will be long. His wife Christine is pregnant (due in Feb I think) and they have two other crazy munchkins to take care of. It will be hard, I'm sure. Pray for fast and complete healing as well as patience for Rich and Chris as they deal with all of this. Also pray that the kids are able to deal with the fact that they witnessed the whole thing happen and that they do not hold any fear.

Thanks guys! :)"

Here is Jeff's Blog if you would like some more info:

Friday, August 15, 2008

1st Blog

Howdy Tech Team,
I am going to give this blogging thing a try. I believe this will be an excellent way to further communicate stuff to the team. And a great way to get feedback as well. You guys will be able to comment, and it looks like I can do some web polling also. I will continue to email updates and progress reports, but I feel strongly that this blog will also help everyone be even more connected, as we can communicate technical updates, personal updates, series info, devotionals, prayer requests, special event scedules, team schedules, training materials, etc etc etc, all in cyber-space.

I will be looking for constructive criticism and suggestions on this blog so feel free to either comment here or shoot me an email.