Friday, August 15, 2008

1st Blog

Howdy Tech Team,
I am going to give this blogging thing a try. I believe this will be an excellent way to further communicate stuff to the team. And a great way to get feedback as well. You guys will be able to comment, and it looks like I can do some web polling also. I will continue to email updates and progress reports, but I feel strongly that this blog will also help everyone be even more connected, as we can communicate technical updates, personal updates, series info, devotionals, prayer requests, special event scedules, team schedules, training materials, etc etc etc, all in cyber-space.

I will be looking for constructive criticism and suggestions on this blog so feel free to either comment here or shoot me an email.



Mr ReRe said...

Glad to see a new blog I can spend time reading while I'm supposed to be working.

Some other things you could put up here -- training docs for tech team, schedules, ideas for self improvement, funny tech stories from the past, ideas for future projects, etc...

Oh, and you need more pictures of keyboard players. :-)


good ideas on training docs and schedules. I'll try and figure out the best way to post those so they are easy to follow.