Wednesday, September 24, 2008

October 8th - Worship Experience

Coming up in October on Wednesday the 8th we are having a Worship Experience in the auditorium. As you may know the Worship Experiences are always a powerful time of praise, worship and prayer. The Tech Team will be fielding a full crew for the experience. So email me if you're available to crew any of the positions. Below is the description of the event from the Vineyard website.

"We want to delve deeper into the experience of worship and our understanding of it. Using the multi-sensory elements we will come as a worshipping community to connect with God in different ways than we are able to during our weekend celebrations.
Children's classes and Bible Clubs will still meet on this evening. Register for childcare (for children ages 5 and under) at 671-0422 Ext. 328. Cost is $5 per child."

It is always a great evening, let me know if you are interested in serving that night. Also, you can sign up on the Vine. It will be posted on the Vine by the end of this week. Thanks!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blackout 2008

September 14, 2008 will be a day that I tell my kids about. It seemed fairly uneventful Sunday morning. The Tech Team had a pretty good morning, Vicki Gabriel was directing and she did a great job calling shots for each morning celebration. The worship team was great as usual, Dave spoke about the importance of our attitude in being Outward Focused. It seemed like a normal Sunday.

A few minutes after the 11:40 celebration ended we noticed the power strangely blinked off and on a couple of times. I had heard that showers were possible on Sunday and I assumed a thunder storm had blown up. I quickly prepared the webstreamer to encode the 11:40 celebration and left the building. I was very surprised to see that it was only a little windy out. But the longer I was outside I realized it is not just a "little windy" but it was at "Holy Crap" level. My car fought me the whole way home, trying to break free into other lanes. But as I got closer to home, the degree of the wind kept surprising me even more. I listened to a little of the Bengals game and heard that Carson Palmer was having a hard time completing passes due to the wind. I got frustrated with the Bengals, just like any other Sunday and turned it off. While I was driving down my street I was startled with all of the debris from trees, shrubs, garbage cans, birdhouses, coolers and just about anything that wasn't nailed down.

I picked up Stephanie, my wife, as we were meeting my parents and grandparents at Olive Garden to celebrate both my mother's and grandmother's birthdays. We got seated at the big party room with the huge bay window. We placed our order and got a good chuckle as we watched folks walk by our window holding hats to their heads and hold skirts down and actually saw a green baseball cap roll by at probably 30 miles and hour. And we waited to see someone chasing it, but apparently they had given up. They never passed our window. Mall road was also plainly in view and we watched the Speed limit sign twist and shake violently against the wind. Eventually, the lights inside the restaurant blinked off and on, and we began to wonder if our food would come out before the power went out. As luck would have it, as the servers began to bring out our meals, the lights went out for good. A few minutes later the manager came out to check on us and let us know that our meals were the last to come out of the kitchen that day. So we enjoyed our Italian food by the bay window.

Anyway, there is much more but I'll leave it here and blog some more about this a little later

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ray Schweitzer Follow Up

Hi Y'all!
I got this update from Ray about his condition. Sounds like good news but lets keep him in prayer, he has got a lot of recovery in front of him. Here it is:

"Still don't know when I can go home, and we think 6-8 weeks before walking unaided again.
I am now at Drake on Galbraith Rd. This place is great, and came highly recommended. The transfer ambulance crew said "miraculous- we keep bringing 'em in all busted up, they usually leave walking".
The good news:
-I am alive. A steel stake "removed" my hat from my head just prior to impact, leaving me with a 5" cut in my scalp and not massive brain trauma. The hat was hanging from the stake after the fall. More proof that God "loves fools and drunkards"
-My back seems ok, sense of feeling is good except for part of left hand. No internal damage.
-I got vertical today. With the help of a large and very strong therapist, I was able to stand up with a custom "hi chair" walker. It lets me use my elbow, as the left arm is out of service below that.
-I may be able to shower tomorrow. Looking forward to that, as it's been a week.
I have a new appreciation for what handicapped people face- very humbling to absolutely rely on others for everything. First couple days I couldn't roll over or sit up by myself.
And another, not so subtle (takes a bit to get my attention I guess) reminder that God is in control, not me.
Thanks again for the prayers all."