Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Upcoming Series Details

Hi All,
I love to keep you guys up to date with all the latest hub-bub, skinny, low-down, scuttlebutt etc etc, but this is what I know about the upcoming few weeks up until the holiday:

A new series is upon us kicking off this weekend, November 1 and 2 called “Holy Spirit”. Team 1 you’ll be getting your reminder here soonJ
Joe will lead off with a message discussing the Holy Spirit as Guide.

Next weekend November 8 and 9 Joe will continue on the discussion of the Holy Spirit as One Who Convicts

Third week of the series November 15 and 16, Dave will discuss the Holy Spirit as Source of Power. This weekend will accompany the Current Conference on Friday November 14 and 15, Friday night, and 3 early sessions Saturday overlapping into Celebration Saturday night.

Last weekend of the series November 22 and 23 will be Turkey Fest weekend and Dave will be discussing the Holy Spirit as Comforter and Counselor.

The December series is called “Salvage” and will kick off November 29 and 30(a fifth weekend by the way-please volunteer if you canJ) Joe will head up the series by sharing how Jesus came to save(salvage) us from sin.

The next installment of “Salvage” December 6 and 7 is called Recycle and will continue the series by illustrating that God does not simply erase those less desirable parts of us, but he recycles/reuses them.

The following episode on December 13 and 14 is titled Recovered and discusses how Being saved (salvaged) is a journey from near-death fatal illness to complete marathon running health.

And the final weekend of “Salvage” is named “Released” and talks about God releasing us to tell our own radical salvaged story to share with others.
The series continues with performances of the VCC Play “THE RE: GIFTER”, a modern parable of redemption. A good event to bring a friend to INTRODUCE them to VCC and the basic idea that God salvages lives.

I look forward to serving with you all during this time. See ya!


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