Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ray Schweitzer Follow Up

Hi Y'all!
I got this update from Ray about his condition. Sounds like good news but lets keep him in prayer, he has got a lot of recovery in front of him. Here it is:

"Still don't know when I can go home, and we think 6-8 weeks before walking unaided again.
I am now at Drake on Galbraith Rd. This place is great, and came highly recommended. The transfer ambulance crew said "miraculous- we keep bringing 'em in all busted up, they usually leave walking".
The good news:
-I am alive. A steel stake "removed" my hat from my head just prior to impact, leaving me with a 5" cut in my scalp and not massive brain trauma. The hat was hanging from the stake after the fall. More proof that God "loves fools and drunkards"
-My back seems ok, sense of feeling is good except for part of left hand. No internal damage.
-I got vertical today. With the help of a large and very strong therapist, I was able to stand up with a custom "hi chair" walker. It lets me use my elbow, as the left arm is out of service below that.
-I may be able to shower tomorrow. Looking forward to that, as it's been a week.
I have a new appreciation for what handicapped people face- very humbling to absolutely rely on others for everything. First couple days I couldn't roll over or sit up by myself.
And another, not so subtle (takes a bit to get my attention I guess) reminder that God is in control, not me.
Thanks again for the prayers all."

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rayschweitzer said...

Praise God, I can walk!

Walked unaided today for the first time since the fall- feels great!
Thanks for the prayers, all.