Thursday, November 11, 2010

Short update

You might have noticed that the house-right auditorium projector has gradually been looking worse and worse. It has a dingy yellow cast to it. The only way to fix it is to send it back to Panasonic. Since we are on the cusp of new equipment all around we have been trying to stretch it until the upgrade. But it just has gotten worse and worse each week. Fortunately, the guys at CSG said we can get the new projectors and put them to use right now. Leadership approved the expense, so we will be getting the new projectors in the next couple of weeks. They are 15,000 lumens so we may use them in 7,500 lumens mode at first and save some of those lumens for the rest of the upgrade. We'll use them in 4:3 mode until the rest of the upgrade in January. I imagine that the screens will really pop just in time for the Christmas show.
Your Brother in Christ,

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