Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Charles Dyer

I received sad news this morning about a former VCC Tech Team member Charles Dyer. As some of you know, Charles served with Tech Team for many years, until he took a job out of town about 2 years ago. He passed away this morning. Charles was fighting cancer for a about a year.
Vicki Gabriel got this email from his sister this morning:

Friends and Family,
Charles went to heaven this morning. I can only imagine all the things he is doing right now. Having a reunion with friends and family, going for an incredible run, eating some fabulous food? One thing I do know is that he is having the best day ever. Scott, Lydia and I went to see him last night. He wasn't doing very well. He opened his eyes and gave my hand a squeeze. I turned the radio to Prarie Home Companion (one of his favorites) and we listened to the end of Lake Wobegon together. Arlo Guthrie was the musical guest and he and Garrison Keillor ended the show by singing "So long my friend, it's been so good to know you". (Charles introduced me to Arlo's music when we were in college.) Before we left, I prayed the blessing from Numbers 6, as I did at the end of most of our visits. One last song, one last prayer. God is good.

Thank you for all your prayer and support through the last 13 months. Arrangements for Charles' services are with Smith and Ogle funeral home, 5086 College Corner Pike, Oxford, Ohio 45056 (513-523-4411)

Ruth and Family

Lets keep Charles' family in our prayers.

Here is a link to the funeral home with further information

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