Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer 2010 Updates

I wanted to update y'all on a few things. Here goes:

# 1 SOS is just 18 days away. As you may already be aware, it is one of VCC's biggest events and outreaches of the year. It is part of of our DNA and part of our mission as a church to reach out and love our city into a loving relationship with Jesus and to give away what God has given us. And as a part of the tech team we get to play a small part in the transformation of these 1,000 or so young people's lives that week. And just think, those one thousand kids go on to touch other lives, so indirectly God uses us to reach out to several thousand people every year. We still have many roles left to serve, please sign up online: robo cams, cameras 3 and 4, switcher, director, etc

We can't do this with out you!

#2 We have had 3 people join the team in the past couple of weeks: Antoinette Graham, Shawn Flannery, and Som Gandham. All 3 will be helping take care of the web upload at the end of the day on Sundays around 1pm. They'll check in with the director each week to see which celebration needs to be uploaded and then handle it. This is a huge help for us, and it gets the video and audio of celebrations up around 3pm on Sunday of the celebration! I don't know of another church that gets it done faster! Amazing! Thanks Antoinette, Shawn and Som! I would love for everyone to say hi to them if you get a chance on Sunday afternoons.

#3 We replaced the intercom headphones at cameras 3 and 4 because the original head phones ear muffs were hard and uncomfortable. The new head phones are soft and much more comfortable. Check them out the chance you get, I think you'll like them:)

#4 One of our youngest volunteers Katy Stuhlreyer accepted an internship at Disney in Orlando. Katy served with us primarily at camera but also did Powerpoint. She floated from team 2 to team 3 most of the time. I am excited for her opportunity, but bummed that we'll miss her for a while on tech team.

That's all the updates I have for now. Please sign up for SOS when you get a chance.



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