Sunday, November 15, 2009

You know you are on the VCC Tech Team when...

At the tech team appreciation party this past Friday night, we came up with a top ten list, "You know you're on the tech team when..." So I've condensed them into one top 27 list. Enjoy.

27. You are awake at 7am on Sunday.

26. Nobody sees you during a celebration.

25. You know the punchline to all of Dave’s jokes.

24. You don’t like people.

23. You no longer enjoy any other church services.

22. You can listen to the same message 4 times in a row and not know what was said.

21. You can’t stand the Arial font on the screens.

20. You know what the ‘Workman Hook’ is.

19. You understand what “pigs in space” means.

18. You know where the “rubber chicken” is at Christmas

17. You know what the bubble is and when Baron is in it.

16. You don’t mind being called D.I.R.T.

15. Joe is your favorite pastor because he doesn’t move.

14. You CAN’T fall asleep during the service.

13. It’s OK to talk during the sermon.

12. You know what “Dot-Dot-Dot“ is.

11. You listen to message with eyes closed.

10. You cringe when Dave wears black or stripes.

9. When you see the camera jiggle, you know it is a Robo.

8. You critique camera work of “Dancing with the Stars” over the water cooler.

7. You mumble “ready camera 4 take camera 4” walking out of every celebration.

6. You inadvertently yell out, “NEXT SLIDE” during worship.

5. You have “cauliflower ear” from wearing headsets so long.

4. You can recite the sermon at the 11:45 service.

3. You don’t get excited when someone says “don’t move, you’re hot”.

2. Attractive brown shirts…UPS had a sale.

1. You do your best work in the dark.

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