Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spencer's Surgery is Scheduled

We scheduled Spencer's surgery for Tuesday September 1st at 7:30am. The orthopedist Dr. Cornwall comes highly recommended by everyone we've talked to. He specializes in hands and wrists, and comes from Children's Hospital, in Philadelphia.

The procedure is called Syndactyly Release, but is essentially just seperating his index finger from his middle finger which are now webbed together. The surgery needs to be done to ensure that both the index and middle fingers can develop as normally as possible. There are a couple other issues with his right hand. Over all it is smaller than the average baby's hand, but it is completely functional except, the Dr is a little concerned with the index finger and also thumb. The index finger is much smaller than the rest of the fingers and the Dr is worried that it may not be functional. The thumb is small also, but clearly functional, but there is not much space between thumb and index which could make it difficult for grasping objects.

But this first surgery will be to simply seperate the index and middle, which will also involve a skin graft (from the elbow) because the remaining skin on the inside of the fingers is not enough to cover the incision.

We'll then wait 12 to 18 months to observe the development of index and thumb. Depending on how that goes there could be another surgery scheduled which could be potentially an amputation of index and perhaps some reconstruction of thumb area to give the thumb more room for movement. This obviously our biggest concern. So I ask for all your prayers for Spence's hand and safe surgery.

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