Thursday, March 19, 2009

SOS update

It is hard to believe but SOS is only 3 months away. And planning has been in the works for months. Ed, Kevin and I just came out of our monthly SOS update meeting with Student ministries and many details are still being ironed out, but I figured y'all might be interested in knowing the worship lineup for 2009.

Zak Stegman will be fronting the morning band Tuesday through Friday. Also Zak will kick off the week leading worship at Monday night celebration. Also,Monday night worship leader Phil Wickham will close us out in worship.

Tuesday night's special guest is Jason Eaton
Wednesday night is the return of Jeremy Riddle to the SOS stage.

Thursday - no regular celebration (Top Secret plan for SOS attendees) (as of right now nothing planned in the auditorium)

Friday is probably the most pleasant surprise. Robbie Reider will be bringing a band from Crossroads to invade the SOS stage.

It looks to be a very exciting Summer of Service, the week of June 22-26. Mark your calendars now. As many of you already know, SOS is an awesome experience for hundreds of youth and we get to take part in their experience. There are about a 1,000 volunteer roles that need to be filled for this to happen every year. Keep an eye out for coming info to tell you how to either serve on Tech Team or serve in some other capacity that week.

Here is the website:

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