Friday, February 20, 2009

Worship Team Website

Here is a great website to bookmark:

Charlie designed it to help create community within the worship team, by keeping everyone informed about latest news, changes, setlists, schedules, special events, guest artists etc.etc. That is actually where I got the idea to keep this blog. Thanks Charlie!

It is pretty interesting to surf through. Also Powerpoint ops may also listen through the setlist here to get acquainted with songs for your weekend.

Check it out when you get a chance, it is definitely worth a look.


MrReRe said...

It's a great resource for camera ops too -- getting familiar with the songs allows you to be prepared to capture things like drum fills, guitar solos, interesting bg vox, etc!

Bryan - Live Video Specialist said...

I didn't think about that... Good point Mr ReRe, It could be good for directors as well. Thanks!

Sarah said...

I just realized that we missed the team pics! Bummer!